Mal Cowboy

Day to Day

Worked on the lawn. Trimmed the Golden Cypress by the back deck. Started ADHD meds today. Only side effect is a little shakiness. I feel like it's helping but it might be a placebo effect this early.
Beautiful morning - storming by 1:30. :-(
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Mal Cowboy

Eight Days and Counting...

The world seems to be in chaos, my good friends are having car troubles and other assorted woes, and it's pouring outside. This is disturbing and I send them good wishes, prayers, and hugs.

The good news is I have spring break in eight days. I hope that helps someone feel better. :D
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Why I Don't Murder My Husband

Because he amuses me by sending e-mails like this:

On Tuesday, May 12th, there will be a tech meeting at the Tech Annex 8:00am

Please attend if possible as there are some end of year concerns that will be addressed.


If time permits, Cole and Ben Murphy will present "Army of Darkness" in the traditional Kabuki style of Japanese theater.
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